Our Initiatives

Carribean Primate Research Center (CPRC) Puerto Rico Disaster Relief:

  • BRBLF has made a commitment to provide disaster relief support to CPRC, its staff and their families. 
  • Purchased and facilitated delivery of satellite phones, a cargo container supplying essential food, bottled water, clothing, stoves, mattresses and medicine.
  • BRBLF and the respective supporters are funding and supporting the logistics and infrastructure improvements with delivery of all-terrain vehicles, generators, building materials, a truck and a floating dock purchased by supporters such as the National Primate Research Centers, International Primatological Society and others.
  •  Support the re-construction of the laboratory on Cayo Santiago which was destroyed by the hurricane.

Global Logistics of Non-Human Primates:

  • Support the development and standardization of stringent processes which will improve animal welfare and streamline global distribution of research models. 
  • Work to enhance the security for the animals and the research community.

Non-Human Primate Genetics:

  • Support the establishment of genetic profiles, associating genotypes with phenotypes and identifying other biological markers of disease.
  • Promote knowledge of the geographic origin of research models and the presence of specific alleles in populations.

Targeted Research Models:

  • Target diseases of interest and disseminate data and information to the research community.